Yoga For When You Have Your Period 🌸 with Emma Ceolin

okay for me yes hi guys welcome to yoga for when you have your period this practice is all about that time of the month when they're looking to slow down honor our body's natural rhythms give ourselves a little bit of self-love but not too much if you're like me you obviously love indulging a little bit of ice cream and that downtime but the sequence is all about finding a balance between that so honoring the body's natural rhythm taking it really easy will it flow but also finding a little bit of movement and space so that we can work into those lower belly aches and pains but also into the back if you have a few pillows handy awesome go ahead and grab 2 3 or 4 depending on how extra you want to be if you have a bolster even better so we'll start off on our backs today we'll just need one pillow under the head and keep it bend in the knees here a lot the back of the skull to soften down it likes the shoulders draw the shoulder blades down the back and here let's keep the knees connected and just gently walk the feet out to the outer edges here along the needs to knock together you can take one hand to the lower belly to the wound one hand to the chest who feels comfortable otherwise to the lower ribs let's take a moment to check in with how the body how the belly is feeling today whether you're on day 1 2 3 4 6 7 just taking a moment to connect in with anything that's going on internally so this interception here maybe you've been experiencing pain or cramps in the belly today maybe there's been some little back issues maybe you've been feeling a little frustrated or agitated knowing that this time of the month also can influence and affect our moods on the other system to start the softening that girl here let's take a moment of appreciation for this body then all it does for you for how incredibly lucky we are to have a healthy working body let's take a moment to draw your attention to the breath notice how it's moving here the beating of the heart maybe you can feel this subtle vibration or pulse in the palm of the head or heads I'm doing I'm gonna do any fancy or a technical breathwork I'm just gonna allow the breath to move at its own pace its own rhythm I'm just really allowing the body to guide you through this practice today allowing us to be an intuitive practice didn't say the last few deep steady breaths here your own pace when you're ready let's go ahead and extend through the legs reach the arms overhead take a deep breath and find a length grow tall consume a little more space inhale and exhale rocking out to the side so gently make your way to seats on to the knees and we'll find our way into a child's pose here so take the knees quite wide as wide as you can and is why this feels comfortable here and then you can stack a few pillows right up in between the thighs if you have a bolster you might even use that bolster for me I'm going to use a blend of both today take a deep breath in lengthen through the crown of the head exhale gently softening it for the resting the chest you might even use your pillows as or the hands as a little cushions on the head to one side here there's finding an angle of the knees it feels good so it might be a little closer together it might be further apart mindful of how this feels for you so getting this practice is all about softening and letting go providing the body with a little bit of release during this time when we often feel heightened sensations especially around the pelvis and during this time we have this downward force of energy so what we call apana in yoga and we also try to honor that too so avoiding any inversions avoiding anything that might circumvent that please be mindful as we do come into this pose is how the belly does feel if it does feel compressed in any forward fold or any twist today take these as gently as you like you know you always have this option to return to the pose you began in on the back so this particular pose should feel quite nourishing for the lower spine I'm also creating a little space in the hip and the pelvis take a deep breath in lift the head exhale turning to the opposite side I can slow the breath down a little more just allow this to be more of an invitation of breath rather than forcing anything here and then walk the hands back lift it just here you can just release the head side to side a little take a few neck rolls and then you can just take a little wriggle into the hips until the shoulders okay and then let's push the bolster off to the side the pillows off to the side it's great a little bit of space find your cat cow here stack shoulders over the wrists hips over the knees I'm just gonna stop the little wriggle side-to-side extenuating extending that movement the shoulders rocking side to side good start up some circles changing direction whenever you feel the need and so what you might be noticing here is the body feeling a little rigid a little less mobility in the hips that's completely okay work with where you're at what you've got today okay no that's not to find little freedom of movement here so we gain that intuitive movement just moving however the body is asking to it moves you might find a few rounds of cat-cow you might start to rotate the hips you might set it back you might extend through the arms a little more so it doesn't need to be perfect here doesn't need to be symmetric we are absolutely asymmetrical beings so just let it rolled and move and make any kind of shape here that you fancy yeah let's meet back in table top and you already find your way to a seat so what's the back of the sit bones just to create that little more length in the lower spine take a blanket or pillow to sit on top of and then let's bring the soles of the feet you can take for baddha konasana bound angle or butterfly pose and push the heels away a little more if that feels ok to do so if you're working with your pillows today go ahead and stack them one on top of each other you can work into your fold fold here if you have a bolster this will allow you to utilize a little more space so you might rest the bolster onto the forehead you might have a ensues again you might come into that fold fault if you have opted to come into this forward fold here again be mindful of this compression of the belly how it's feeling for you walk the hands forward find an angle that is supporting where you're at today so it might be coming to this really deep fold fold or it might be backing off a little I'd be allowing yourself to just hang out in space you might be noticing the body opening and inviting you to come a little deeper into these poses as you stay with each breath you might find yourself dropping in a little more releasing the head but like I said my shoulders I'm just checking in with how the belly's doing how the spine is doing I'm already feeling a lot of relief in the lower abdomen here but also in the mind I find your lost few deep breaths inhale what the hands back lift the chest okay pop your bolster off to the side pillows off to the side draw the knees together let's curl up into a little ball here just take a little rock side to side good and almost not too common to outside for fetus pose people under the head works really well for this one and we have the option to take this one into a twist if it feels good but that's depending on where you're at today so take your left ear to the mat stack the knees extend through the arms so this pose is actually supposed that I sleep in you might come here and I think that's exactly what you want to do or if it's feeling okay to do so I'd like you to go ahead and stack some pillows right behind the back here just unto the earth behind the sit bones if you have your bolster you can go ahead and press the bolster right up into the sit bones and this is just going to serve as our way to keep the pelvis steady in this pose so pressing up right into the butt here take a deep breath in reach that top hand to the sky and as you exhale out to drift and drop behind you try to keep the arms around shoulder height here so we're looking for these opening twists during this time of the month too so avoiding any twists that might compress the belly or might tighten into that area so looking for anything that more so invite space and then easy twist like this allows us to do just that so it's really about finding that balance and what we need when we're feeling tired when my feeling lethargic when my feeling exhausted depleted this time of the month maybe a little sluggish definitely about honoring that accepting these limitations but also not staying there so finding that wisdom of exactly aware in between is what we need so sometimes we might pack up and stay there in which case we don't give our bodies these benefits of a movement in fronting that balance between stillness and movement between softening letting go and challenging ourselves between effort knees nice breath in reach that hand to the sky exhale starting back in your fetus pose just take a few steady breaths here notice how the belly the back is doing okay and when you're ready let's swap over to the opposite side so coming all the way up to the opposite side take your pillow or your bolster press it right up into the back body again so you really want to connect it right up with the sit bones extend through the arms on your next inhale take that top hand to the sky exhale out to drift and drop behind you so cool so here is just keeping that pelvis steady offering the lower body some support here relax the shoulders release the face so the hot grow heavy soften the belly find that steady breath rhythm a pace that works for you love's full breath in reach that hand to the sky exhale back to the fetus position when you're ready gently make your way onto your back extend through the legs put your weight into shavasana for your final resting pose of today so in this particular pose Yogi's choice however you would like to take it I would recommend taking a bolster under the knees for this one and what this does is just allows the front muscles of the hips to relax and the lower spine to soften in and if you have any additional pillows go ahead and place them over the bellies sometimes this pressure and this weights can feel really nice this time of the month but it also works into our parasympathetic system mouths we like so sponser rest and digest you might take the hands to the belly one hand to the belly one hand to the heart or just rest the arms beside you there's any other position here that serves you go ahead and make that shape I'm actually going to bring the soles of my feet together to rest unto the top of the bolster here more of an elevated baddha konasana it's checking in with how you're feeling anything that might have shifted or changed even after this short time these very few poses I can definitely notice a little more space in this area the softening when there was a lot of cramping and tightening a little more clarity in the mind so whatever you're feeling here and now just allow that to sink in to resonate within and without in closing this practice with a moment of gratitude appreciation for our bodies for this practice but also for ourselves and taking time to make time to come into our mat today to find stillness to find movement to find space staying here as long as you like wearing shavasana take you wherever you need to go and whenever you are ready to bring a little movement back to the fingers of toes turn the head side to side as you awaken the body do this as gently and softly as you can making your way to a comfortable seat let's finish with the hands at the heart bowing the head finding hole on last full full breath in the belly full breath out exhale let it go namaste hey you guys thanks for joining me for yoga for when you have your period I hope you're feeling a little more relief and if you did enjoy this video as a little energy extrange for creating these I would so appreciate if you could subscribe or share this video with just one a girlfriends thank you

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  1. I did this video last month and it was just exactly what I needed. Such a soothing, loving and calming practice perfect for when I'm tense and anxious because of my period. Can't wait to press play again today. ❤️ Thank you for creating this!

  2. Girl, this was SUCH an amazing practice. EXACTLY what I needed. Those fetal positions with a twist felt so, sooo good…. Did this first thing in the morning 🙂
    So happy I stumbled across your channel! So excited to do more of your practices ❤️

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