(“Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”) – Laura is napping, and Isaac is reading, and Elise and Caleb are
decorating Christmas cards for the family that
we’re taking our gifts to this afternoon. Alright Caleb, there it
is, can you make an E? – K, you start like this and then you – [Elise] Go like… – [Kendra] It’s this one, right here. – Okay (gentle Christmas music) – [Kendra] Oh my goodness, it’s an E! Oh! (laughs in excitement) Okay, are you ready for a B? – Um, yeah. – [Elise] A “B.” – [Kendra] There’s a B! This is how you make a
B, this one right here. – It’s it’s like a “O.” – [Kendra] It does look
kinda like an O, huh? – [Elise] So, a line and two bumps. – No, it’s like, this is like a “O.” – [Kendra] It is a lot like an O. – [Elise] Yeah. – [Kendra] Okay, but a B has
two bumps, so do another one. No way! Oh my gosh, he did it! (excited laughter) There it is guys, his first B. Caleb, you wrote your name! (laughter) He’s about ready to
finish up a whole section. Show them the page
you’re working on today. – It’s gonna say “Merry
Christmas,” I know. – [Kendra] Yep. So there’s his work today,
it’s plusses and minuses, ooh! Alright Cubby, let’s go read. What, you found more fours?
Elise, you’re doing great. (baby cooing) – [Elise] You’re climbing up. – [Kendra] What do you see? (baby cooing and buzzing lips) So I put this mirror down on it’s side just to see what would happen with Laura. Elise, we did this with Elise
when she was about this age and she loved it. (gentle Christmas music) (baby screams) What are you guys doing? – I’m a frog. – [Kendra] What are you doing, Lisy? – I’m a mom. – I’m a transformer, but right now I transformed into a frog. – [Kendra] Oh, you’re a
transformer that’s now transforming into a frog? – Now I’m transforming into a dog. – [Kendra] (whispers) Awesome. (child barks) it’s a dog. And a mom holding a baby. Is your baby trying to go to sleep? You’re such a nice mom, Elise. – What’d you get for the family that we adopted, you guys? – A easel. – [Child] A easel. – And some things that smell. – Good. – Ooh, perfume? An easel and perfume. Here’s the easel that we got for them. Thanks, buddy. – I wanted to tell you
what a wonderful thing you are doing for us. Because what we do is we
help other boys and girls and mommies and daddies that don’t have the great things you have. They don’t have beds to sleep
on, they don’t have pillows. So what you’re doing is, you are helping them have a Christmas, because they don’t have
money to have a Christmas. – I’ve been able to
get to know really well this family that I’m
working with right now, who is facing eviction and is facing homelessness come January 1, and there’s children involved and it’s just been a great reminder of how blessed we are to
have the things that we do and a reminder to reach
out to those in need. So this nonprofit
organization is really neat. They take families in, and
they try to help educate them. Like, they give really strict guidelines. It’s a 90-day program where
they’ll bring them into housing, they make sure that they’re working, and they teach them how to budget and how to use their funds so
that they can be on their own. (upbeat music) – Somebody doesn’t want
her soup, or even her roll. – [Jeremy] Whoa. She
must not be feeling well. – I Know. That’s no fun, I’m sorry
you’re not feeling good. – So with four kids, life does get pretty complicated when there’s throw-up in the kitchen. Gotta make sure that
the baby’s buckled in. Now I’m gonna clean this up real quick and then we’re gonna go run some errands. Kendra’s in with Elise cleaning her off and getting her settled
down for the night. (upbeat music) – Jeremy just got back with the kids and this little guy
definitely has a fever. He ran up to give me a hug and I was like “Oh, yeah, he’s feverish.” But I wanted to show you our setup. Here’s sick station. Lisy, how you feeling? – Not good. – [Kendra] Not good? There’s her big bowl, and this is the shower curtain. Anyway, I’m gonna go take
care of my little people. Good night. – J House (growls) (upbeat music) (children laughing)

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