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  1. At exactly 4 minutes in this video, about one o'clock from Sister Emmanuel's head and slightly superimposed, there is a facial image on the wall of the Bethlehem manger. It is our Lord, Jesus. Thank you Jesus and Mary for this Blessing. I realize I sound somewhat crazy but a small voice told me to go to this video and watch it carefully. In doing so, I very clearly saw the image of our Lord and then pressed pause. Just exactly at that moment my wife called with literally–Miracle News.
    Please pray for my daughter Hayley.
    Let me explain in some detail. I really never post on any thing but I wish to share something very important and sincere. My daughter Hayley 30 years old, was extensively treated for breast cancer about a year prior and went back for her check up yesterday at the Mayo Clinic. They unfortunately noticed several calcification appearing lesions on the MRI and dye mammogram in her lymph nodes, that could denote a recurrence of the breast cancer. Today, during her scheduled surgical biopsy of these lymph nodes at Mayo Clinic, they found that there was nothing there that all, the lesions had "disappeared and dispersed" from her definitive and detailed tests done yesterday. She is now on her way home with a good medical report and no needed treatment. Praise Jesus!
    I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and our Blessed Mother Mary. Because of our Blessed Mother's apparitions at Medjugorje and her messages, in addition to all the wonderful God driven ministry of my brothers and sisters in the Church I have returned to the Catholic Church and go to daily Mass and receive the sacraments.
    I prayed harder today and felt closer to Jesus and Mary at Holy Mass than ever before in my life. Today truly was just the most beautiful answer to my prayers I could ever ever imagine! An absolute miracle!
    Thank you Jesus and Mary and all love, praise and honor to God our Father and the Holy Trinity.

  2. Don’t forget to forgive yourself after you’ve given your life to Jesus and Mary and named and prayed for your baby. Be set free amen

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