You had an early miscarriage! TTC tips for your next pregnancy

At InfertilityTV, we get lots of questions
from you the viewers. A common question we get is, what to do after
an early miscarriage. The first thing we recommend? DON’T PANIC!! For what to do next stay tuned. It turns out that early miscarriages are extremely
common. The majority of women will have at least one
early miscarriage at some point during their lives. In fact, many women have had an early miscarriage
and didn’t even know it. Sometimes, that period that you had which
was a week late was really an early miscarriage. Or, maybe you had a positive pregnancy
test at home or in the doctor’s office and then start bleeding a day or two later. This is also an early miscarriage. The first thing to do is to make sure that
the pregnancy has passed completely. This is especially important if you were able
to see the pregnancy on ultrasound. One way to do this is to have your doctor
get blood tests to follow your hCG levels until they are negative. Once you are sure you have completed the miscarriage,
wait for your period to come and then start trying to get pregnant right away. This is important. In the past, doctors used to tell patients
to wait for several months to try to get pregnant again Now, however, we have very good evidence that
your chances for getting pregnant again and your chances for having a live birth are BETTER
if you don’t wait. Women who have had one early miscarriage are
NOT at greater risk for a second early miscarriage compared to women who have never had an early
miscarriage at all. So don’t assume that just because you miscarried
once that it will happen again. Monitoring in your doctor’s office can help
reassure you that your next pregnancy is doing well. As soon as you think you might be pregnant,
contact your OB or fertility specialist. Blood tests every few days and then ultrasounds
can help determine whether you might be at risk for another early miscarraige. Our InfertilityTV Bottom line is that most
women who have an early miscarriage will be able to have a baby. Trying again immediately is an easy an effective
way to increase your chances to get pregnant Tap here for 25 more tips on early miscarriage. Before you go, be sure to LIKE this video. If you have questions or an idea for a future episode, leave it in the comments. and you should definitely SUBSCRIBE to InfertilityTV NOW for new episodes weekly Its like having a fertility specialist in your phone

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