You might Literally PEE Yourself | Week 31 of Pregnancy

(light upbeat music) – If you’re one of those
people who likes to know and be prepared for
everything coming their way, you can certainly watch some
videos online of live births. But, you could also
watch a video of a goat who’s best friends with a puppy. I mean, to each his own. But whatever you decide to tune into, grab a large bucket of popcorn or two (laughs) for your viewing pleasure. And you know that it’s
about the size of your baby in week 31. Also know that if you’re
watching anything scary or funny, you might literally pee yourself thanks to baby taking up
all the room in your uterus and pushing down on your bladder. Thanks, kid. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid. Other movie quotes. Hahahahahaaha. (light upbeat music) Make sure dad-to-be isn’t
a dud in the delivery room with these helpful tips. Make sure he’s educated. Have him attend childbirth
classes with you, read all the books you’re reading, and come to all your doctor appointments. Discuss your intentions. Hash out your birth plan together to make sure you’re both on the same page. Help him expect the unexpected. He may be ready to massage your back and you’re ready to punch him in the face. Consider his comfort level. He may not want a front
seat to all the action and that’s okay. Don’t take it personally and try to understand
where he’s coming from. He can’t really do much to
help you, and that’s tough. I’m sure it is. Mm-hmm. (light upbeat music) Why is a c-section sometimes
a medical necessity? Here are the main reasons. Your labor stalls, or your
baby’s head is too big to fit through your pelvis. These are the two most common reasons and account for about
30% of all cesareans. Another reason? Your baby’s distressed. It could be his heart rate or his oxygen supply has been
disrupted by a prolapsed cord, or if your placenta starts to separate from the wall of the uterus. It sounds scary, but you’re gonna be okay. (light upbeat music) People love to give pregnant women advice, even when they don’t ask for it. Here’s your daily dose
of unsolicited advice. Don’t be afraid to put some
pricey items on your registry. You never know who’s feeling generous.
(cash register chimes) Oh hey, Aunt Kathy. Oh, you look gorgeous. I barely recognized you. You look 20 years younger.
(laughing) (gasps) Oh, a $1,000 stroller for moi? Thank you.
(stroller appears magically) (light upbeat music) There’s a lot of stuff
you’re expected to give up when you’re expecting. Join me now in a moment of silence as this pregnancy pause is dedicated to standing up gracefully. (sad piano music)
Shout out to standing up gracefully. Now, you look more like a
turtle stuck on his back. The struggle is real.
(shell creaks) (light upbeat music) Hey! If you wanna learn more about how crappy you’re gonna
feel next week (laughing), just kidding, you’ll be fine. Like, subscribe, share. New videos every week. Ahh, the miracle of life and birth. (moans) I’m getting nervous for the birth but it’s good ’cause we’re
gonna learn a lot here, so knowledge is power, right? Yessss. Yes.

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