Young father loses partner and baby in childbirth complications

To Waikato now, where the father
of Kymani Casey Nathan Tukiri is looking for answers
as to why his partner Casey and their baby died
during childbirth. Hayden Tukiri spoke to Potaka Maipi
today at the funeral of his partner and their child,
held at Waingaro Marae. Hayden Tukiri remembers
his partner Casey Nathan. To make things worse,
his son died too. An outpouring of love goes
to the grieving family of Casey Nathan and Kymani, but the family wants
answers for the two deaths. The deaths of Casey and Kymani
are in the hands of the coroner. Potaka Maipi, Te Karere.

2 Replies to “Young father loses partner and baby in childbirth complications”

  1. The leading maternity carer should be imprisoned in this case not given name suppression to practice overseas……coroner found numerous steps that could have been taken to avoid the deaths of mother and child. #ShitMidWife   #StopPracticing  #DontComeBack  

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