Your baby at 38 weeks | Pregnancy week by week

I’m 38 plus 4 days, so feeling it a bit now
but very excited. So around about this time the baby is just
over 50cm and 3.3kg in weight. This is my bump at 38 weeks. I feel like it’s quite out front, quite neat
and Mumsnet have asked some other lovely mums to send in their 38 week bumps so here they
are. This stage you can expect your baby to be
either very active or quite quiet, it really varies from person to person. I do get a bit nervous during downtime when
it is quite quiet but it soon sort of picks up. Just be constantly aware of movements and
make sure you’re counting those kicks. The baby is continually practicing it’s breathing
ready for birth and you’ll also start to notice sometimes baby gets hiccups and it’s because
the amniotic fluid tickles it’s little throat. On the whole, I didn’t think my sleep was
too bad, but it has got to this point now, especially as the evenings are warmer that
I’m finding it really hard to sleep at night and very fidgety and very heavy. It’s just very restless and it can just make
you feel very lethargic during the day. You’ll probably notice you’re feeling hyper
aware of everything down below. I certainly think I feel braxton hicks tightening,
sort of a dull period ache, it’s quite a normal thing to feel quite a lot of braxton hicks
at this stage and they can be quite painful. I think the difference obviously is if you’re
going into labour then the contractions will be stronger and closer together. Mumsnet have this fab guide to tell you exactly
what to expect if you are ever in doubt. I’m starting to feel really fidgety. It’s a bit of a weird waiting game from now
on. I’m certainly noticing that people are texting
me, asking what’s happening, how I’m feeling – which is lovely, it’s really nice to have
the support, I’m hopefully not gonna go overdue but I think everyone is different. I’d just say take it on the chin, relax as
much as you can and just try and get in your own little safe space and not let things bother
you too much. So that’s it for 38 weeks, fingers crossed
two weeks to go. If you’re ever in doubt, have any worries
there’s always a mum that’s been there and done that on Mumsnet so don’t hesitate to
take a look.

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