Your baby at 40 weeks | Pregnancy week by week

It’s 40 weeks you’ve made it! You’re so close it could be any day now. Congratulations! The average weight for your baby is around
3.5kg and still measuring around 51cm in length. And here are your lovely bumps at 40 weeks. As you can probably feel there’s really not
a lot of room left in there now, you’re likely to feel every little niggle, kick and hiccup. So all the baby’s bones have now hardened
apart from the skull, which will remain soft and pliable for it’s journey down the birth
canal. It’s pretty amazing, the skull can actually
change shape and even sort of overlap slightly on it’s way out. So I’m just over 38 weeks and already feeling
quite impatient, I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. You must be really tempted to try out some
of those old wives tales to induce labour: Long walks, the sex, the curries. I’d just
say do whatever you feels right for you, there’s no one definitive right answer. You’ve probably already been told by now that
it’s quite rare for for your baby to actually arrive on your due date but the good news
is that only 15% of women actually go past 41 weeks, so it may not be the exact day but
you’re still so close, almost there. So that’s 40 weeks! You’ve done it, if this
is your week then wishing you the best of luck, if it isn’t then it will be any time
soon and if you’re ever in doubt or need some more information then just hope back over
to Mumsnet.

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