Your Birth, Your Way

– New mothers need to know… – New registry.
– Diet, prenatal vitamins. – Baby proofing your home.
Therapists say… – [Voiceover] Pregnancy is an exciting
time. But with so much information coming from so many places, it can feel daunting.
It is our mission to listen to you, and respect your choices.
We’ll get to know your wants, needs, and concerns. And then we’ll work with you
to create a customized care plan. As part of a healthcare system that
delivered more than 200,000 babies last year, we provide some of the most
comprehensive and customizable pregnancy care in the nation, including state of the
art labor and delivery rooms, neonatal intensive care units,
expert specialists, family support materials, birthing classes and
more. We help to set a foundation of compassionate care for you and your
family in the years to come, because we know no one is more important
than family, and we feel privileged to help grow and care for yours. ♪ [music] ♪

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