Your karmic cycle has ended 😊 CAPRICORN ♑️ JULY 22-29

hello Capricorn this is your weekly love read for July 22nd through the 29th thank you to everybody who has like shared commented and subscribed thank you so much guys I truly truly appreciate it if you would like to join us please do click that subscribe button I would love that so much we do weeklies for each of the zodiac signs sorry I also put out a general daily for each day of the week and I've also created a folder for Law of Attraction videos so it's Tips & Tricks and if you look under my playlist it'll be Law of Attraction tips and tricks and it is a bunch of five-minute videos there's only a few in there now but I'm expanding it I can make about six a week so I will be doing uploading those every week but it's questions that I see come up in the comments right or how to's specifically and you don't need to know how to you don't need to know what the law of attraction is in order to use it you are actually using it right now what you need to do is adjust your thoughts therefore your emotions and your energetic output okay so please do check them out I really do hope you enjoy them there is a good explanation of what the law of attraction is and what's happening and how to manipulate it best but but if you're just looking for a quick general information you'll find that in there and it's really helpful uh back to Tarot so this week this will be your deck that will be your persons and that will be the relationship between you okay so let's see Capricorn what you got going on this week what is oh we're getting three okay three the Hara fat the Empress and the queen of Pentacles okay so let's start with the hair friend Arif ant represents he's a commitment card right he is belonging to a traditional establishment sorry I'm catching a glare he is belonging to things like religious establishments educational government that's why he's the commitment card and he's also a very traditional being so this also could be your being very spiritual being very in tune with your spiritual side wanting to connect with it and then we have the queen of Pentacles which is somebody who is very grounded very stable very nurturing very loving very very hardworking right they 222 make sure that everybody is taken care of right she kind of if you are looking for a way to explain her think of her as like a happy homemaker somebody that makes sure that everybody is taken care of make sure that everybody feels well loved and then we have the Empress and and I think this is pretty neat here so the Empress is pregnant here and she represents new life right and he a beauty femininity rebirth birth she is creation right she is life so I think you're feeling like very oh okay I don't know if you've ever had children in a family situation we're just having children in general right it's just that feeling you get when you just have a baby and you feel so connected with this thing and you just love it so so very much that's the feeling I'm getting right now okay it's beautiful it really is like you just can't stop loving this thing right this thing that you have created whether it's like a relationship or business you can feel it about a business you know you just you just can't stop loving this beautiful thing that you've created oh okay okay like we just dropped out I'm not gonna take it all cuz there's like six carrots under there and they're really this is the only one I saw four of one happily ever after right your marriage or your soulmate your stability your happiness your harmony this is your twin flame card right this is 1111 this is everything beautiful right you've you've done it you've created exactly what you want is this beautiful loving stable family the Wheel of Fortune so we have karmic cycles ending and beginning good fortune being brought your way right this is feet having its hand and thing destiny playing out Bait having its hand in things sorry I didn't pronounce that properly but you really have like the most beautiful energy around you right now and it all feels like very motherly and very nurturing you have the 10 of swords here which you know it is backstab betrayal manipulation you and its really swords are your thoughts right so this is you thinking that you have been really hurt but 10 so a completion of cycle sorry it's trying to point to a 10 up here but it's down here 10 is the completion of a cycle it is the end of this right is it is the end of you feeling like a victim oh my gosh that's beautiful you feel loved you feel supported you feel like you belong to something you feel like the goddess that you are that is creating life right it doesn't have to be an actual baby it doesn't have to be an actual life you feel like you're creating life that's a beautiful feeling well you did we ever dig into you and and beautifully I love that three of hearts wasn't expecting that I did it again it's the three of swords I keep calling it the three of hearts this is heartbreak this is sorrow this is look at this guy he's wounded right I think I keep hearing you got married and they got hurt I don't know that was probably a very specific message let's see either way your person's got some heartbreak going on here but you're just recovering from your own you know bit of heartbreak it yourself you know okay so we have the high priest is coming up this is your intuition this is this is your inner knowing right this is secrets she's and she's not saying anything so you're not talking to this person but this person is hurting they're not going to say anything but there they are really hurting they've had their heart broken huh look what came up for them to karmic cycle is ending and beginning good fortune being brought your way destiny have any having its hand in things you have a very intriguing story here and I get one more for them to the queen of Wands huh I think this is you they've been hurt by you you've been hurt by them but you're in a very graceful beautiful spot right now I don't know if you completely moved on and are belonging to another relationship but you're in a very beautiful space right but for some reason this person is kind of chemically tied to you but maybe you're cutting the ties here with with the ten of swords you're finally letting that go you're finally you know making your peace with what has happened whereas they're not you know they're kind of still fixated on the heartbreak and what has happened here let's get a card for him between you ten of cups there is potential here right ton of cups is your wish is coming true your happiness sorry I just kind of figured out what was going on here you both got hurt this is somebody from your past you were focused on you were in the same spot they were you were focused on what was happening how what who got hurt who did what to you you were focused on the wrong part the wrong part right you say you're getting more of that and then you end up getting this 10 of sorts card right where you just feel like you can't take it anymore and and both sides have been hurt so so I think it had to you had to complete this karmic cycle right and start a new one but there is the potential for this happiness here and I think your your because you're always a mirror to what you're attracting to you because you were focused you you've got yourself out of that right you really have you've got yourself in this blue beautiful energy where you want to create a new relationship with this person you want to bring in some traditional family family aspect of into the relationship right some emotional satisfaction some emotional well-being and stability but you have a residual right so you were always tracked attracting things and there's always a leg in reality so you attract this person back yes but they're still focused on the heart big heartbreak because you have the you know the little bit last little bit of it to heal within you it wouldn't be coming up in your person if you didn't have a little bit to heal in you you're almost there you just you know have to focus yourself on love and appreciation check out my Law of Attraction videos and annual under side to stand even if you watch the how to attract a specific person just generalize it and attract love right if you want to attract this person specifically focus it on them so 1111 please watch that video it'll be very helpful for you in healing what you have to heal and and actually allowing things energetically to move forward with this person let's clarify the tenant props here so we have the nine of ones which is that it's been a rough road with this person for sure right sorry low power mode here we go it's been a rough road with this person this is the Wounded Warrior this is somebody who has been been through the wringer for sure right and is maybe a little bit defensive but it is a hopeful card as well it is a persistent card so you will get past this you will get your happily ever after watch that law of attraction video but it won't won't take you very long to clear this up at all okay and and you can and it's so easy and and once you actually practice it and it works once you'll be like why haven't I been doing this with everything because it's so easy okay so let's get a card from the lovers Oracle deck the only thing that's happening here is you're just focused in the wrong place a little bit right you have a little bit of residual coming in to you but you have a lot of good things coming towards you with this relationship as well right it just has a little tweaking to do energetically so I'm gonna shuffle one more time hmm this one balance love is not always about agreeing just for the sake of it a great relationship is one that both supports and challenges okay maybe there's some you know differences between the two of you that makes you buttheads makes you kind of run out each other in a in a hurtful way or in an insecure way which which you know makes and and you end up getting hurt that way so you know fight find the balance in that right find the love in that even find a way to appreciate that it's been brought to your attention and therefore you can you can work on it a little bit right because there's there's something on both sides here you always have to remember that whatever you were attracting whatever you're getting out of another person it's coming from within you it's an energetic response to how you are coming at that person right so always bear that in mind you your this your the thing that needs to heal you're the thing that needs to find balance and clear things up so that that person can come at you in their best best way right there they have their own stuff to deal with but you're not responsible for that you're responsible for you okay and that's all I'll say about that alright guys I hope you enjoyed this read if you did click like if you would like to comment below I would love to hear from you if you do have any questions hit put them up put them in the comments please I would love to hear from you and and also any how to's right if there's anything you want to know how to manifest I will do my best to give you the best answer for it for that particular thing okay it doesn't have to be love related can be anything alright guys so I will see you next week I'll love you so much bye

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  1. I absolutely want knowone from my past .not now not ever.I'm in love with someone.but doesn't look like that is going anywhere either.but that's just the shit we all have to deal with.atleast there is

  2. "Supports and challenges" very true. I love this person but I'm not holding on (thinking of the choking kind song, remembering to never hold on like that again), instead I'm just living and loving and evolving. I do feel all that empress and queen of pentacles energy radiating out of me πŸ€—.

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