Your Pregnancy and Childbirth: Month to Month – Owen Montgomery, MD

hi I'm very happy to be able to tell you about a brand new book that's from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists it's called your pregnancy and childbirth month to month it's actually the fifth edition of this book which I've been using in my practice for about the last 15 years the difference this time is that your pregnancy and childbirth actually goes month by month and in fact has week by week illustrations of how your baby's growing this is such a detailed book that I actually use those same slides and the lectures I give medical students back in philadelphia i think this is probably the only book that a pregnant woman will actually need and many of my colleagues actually buy this and give them to their patients when they become pregnant the book is divided into six sections of course there's the month by month there's also a really good section on labor and delivery and postpartum care there's an enhanced section about nutrition particularly about breastfeeding because we know how important that is and there's a lot of questions and when you're pregnant about what i should eat and what's good for the baby of course there's some special considerations there's a section about exercise in fact there's actually a monthly exercise so that you know what the best thing to do is each month to help relieve things like back pain and constipation and make sure you're stretching so that you're prepared for labor delivery when the time comes a small number of women will have medical complications and if you have a complication or you are concerned about it I know that you'll have questions it's like having your obstetrician at home with you because in the middle of the night you have a question you can actually take out month by month and look up the question these are the same kind of answers that I've been giving to my patients for the last 20 years it's not scary it's complete if you need more information the next day when you go to the office speak to your obstetrician and make sure you have additional information there's a small section about complications a very small number of women will have complications but if you do you'd like to make sure that there's something for you to look up another exciting part about this book is that for the very first time it's linked to the ACOG website and if you remember just one website wwwaaa org you can go on the website there's actually a sample of the kind of information that's available in the book right there on the website but it's kind of limited if you really want the kind of in-depth information that you'll need you should really go by your pregnancy and childbirth and in fact I think this is an excellent book for every pregnant woman probably again the only book that you'll ever need so your pregnancy childbirth month by month by a cop wwh org good luck you

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