but I will handle you when I see you I told I don't do that internet stuff but you don't know me and I will pluck you I will pluck the fuck out of you I mean I'm doing on dunno internet stuff everybody around me knows that if I want to fight you I'm going to fight you I'm not I don't need nobody around me so touch your luck when you see me that's just period hey y'all y'all y'all my camera's okay let's fix it anyway I'm gonna go take this mic because y'all yeah we gonna happen to it I'm gonna try to do it I mean I'm gonna wow I want to try to get footage of it but it's at the hospital so I don't know but maybe back yeah let's do this oh my god the windows was down you may try to rob a probably trip trip Dave on that trip alright it's too windy outside the oven I get inside y'all just might work out for today look all these got davon stairs yeah yeah no I should take the elevator so I'm back in the car um I did not get to get any footage of me taking the test hopefully they call me today because I want to know today but um I don't know it was being strict but the reason why I said earlier that it's scary to go take a practice test is because I only had sexual relations with my husband last time only one time like we wasn't – no nothing and then one night we slipped up and we did and we had my son okay so that's why I say it's scary because even though you think that like oh you had you hunt one time you never know you never know and I was on birth control I was in a depo so that's like I say it's scary because you never know but we need to talk about yesterday all right okay so we have to park y'all good for real there's something good at foods because it's really been a struggle Mike but like any it was so hard like some movie I had to keeping their applications and it's just so much anyway sisters check their credit yes and at least we know it we know okay I'm excited look at them what are you picking her up I don't understand yeah probably can't see but you know that they hate these swings yeah I we still just a boy like this is ready to go so I was doing like bud workouts yesterday in ABS and yeah and I'm gonna be Schleck back yeah ain't no Sun on your own like this I'll talk to ya I'm gonna leave ya hmm well we have to go yes Leila turn around we have to go okay let's go Laila she's so bad yeah y'all let me find the lightning this motherfucker oh boy fuck wait you know why these niggas lobby okay little give a fuck mm-hmm okay I was trying to get some good light feelings back babe well of course you know some wine but which i doing which I'm gonna talk about talk to me my calm hopefully not yeah I've been let me break it cuz I got a hot girl someone I'm trying to get into and I can't I can't be doing that just kidding I'm not pregnant no no I'm not what about like thank you oh you can see my leg oh okay I really have ninja talk about besides the fact that chopper obviously to some Wobbuffet michael is a little idea but the oppas are gonna see this tomorrow because they probably not for comment exactly way they're gonna call me up tomorrow so scallywag your Bellamy not just kidding me although you're okay yeah so yeah so we already know shafting um like yeah cuz I thought I told me camera okay I'm back never focuses okay be just a hot burst on the fuck outside class is not focusing anyway no I just couldn't leave so tomorrow I get by you put any first money I think it out any oh that it hurts like it don't hurt but just likes on my hand is your vagina and I don't like things of my own hands so no I will not be fisting we went um yeah it hurts like they maybe take every program but no I'm gonna take something else because I could still feel you don't like it but they have to get out then I got to put it back in put another me so I'm gonna be in pain twice they are ready to kirusha Korea Korea so um okay so I woke up so late I think it's like I'm living almost 12 right now y'all first of all I look crazy as him um but I woke up so late so I missed my dick on IUD replacement appointment it was at 10:00 I was never gonna make it don't worry about that bag I was never gonna make it I'm tired anyway but yeah but what this finger solo um I'm just gonna upload this let me get right maybe it's not me don't look at me but I'm with the upload this get my life for today and yeah I finally caught my own brand office I look crazy wait um I'm in office and first of all I'm saying I what happened this morning because the girl wants to be noticed I'll give her some look-look time a minute or two so this morning I woke up some granddad man following me on snapchat decided to oh you you were doing all that one YouTube but we but something you not like that soon some bushes she said and it was funny because I don't know why I need to be walking around in public going like this thing but I fucking on bitches but I will handle you when I see you I told I don't do that internet stuff I blocked her because obviously you know who I am or you you watch my stuff weirdo how you watch my stuff and and you abandon talking shit you all you your family everybody have subscribers loved ones but you're a fan you come to my channel to worry about what and what do I talk about first of all if this is the girl that I think I think this is the same girl knocking her snap before man never knew her I'm not actually 18 do I know her in person she said yeah but I don't reply and yesterday she going a bitch-fit because but you don't know me and I will pluck you I will pluck the fuck out of you I'm doing oh no internet stuff everybody around me knows that if I want to fight you I'm going to fight you I'm not I don't need nobody around me so touch your luck when you see me that's just period I think I gave her folks a minutes and that's too long next mmm my real office got my keys so we live at five baby you fear me I'm gonna do this Chungcheong hopefully hopefully hopefully today because I have let me give me my stuff better be a-takin mailbox but hopefully I have a charm on today and again yo I woke up give me my phone photo I woke up I woke up y'all let me take it on Sunday which was three days ago I would say I was a 3,000 subscribers I woke up this morning you guys I am in 30 238 subscribers it's just like what where did you come from where did this come from like why I mean I know that video I just did was good play like you only have a vote you have them that's when we like that you know try not to cuss no more so yeah I probably would get the sensor at me probably um but I'm over here looking crazy um I want the crank what is here yeah I think I should crank this here please tell me right now cuz I'm gonna load this video and I can know for tomorrow should I click on my hair I wanna crank on my hair my hair I think I shit in comes too short I like nonk written here but we gonna see how it looks I curl my hair back yeah we have like 200 feet away some shoes and some weed through my road when I China so make sure you i'm mountain time I guess I don't know I'm sorry it's at 6 o'clock over here I do not know nothing about California and all the other place but I don't know like maybe on the same timeline don't know but all I know is at 6 o'clock over here it's gonna be many ways let me eight o'clock it on for genius man it's gonna be eight o'clock in Virginia 6 o'clock here eight o'clock down the way I don't know this time stuff but I'm gonna give people enough time I'm like I gave y'all like some time to be on that life because y'all will want to be on this life because I'm gonna give away shoes and I'm gonna break it so that's my spiel for this morning I can't be seen this camera looking crazy um well yeah I'm out 32 how did you subscribers at that as well I met my goal y'all I wanted to be at 3,000 before the end of this year was out and I'm there already so it's crazy it's crazy I was just talking to this girl on Instagram when a my subscribers she also has a channel but I'm just talking to her and I'm like it's just it's still weird that people actually subscribe to me thing no no no lawyer or whatever but I gotta go I gotta go I'm sorry I gotta go I'm gonna try to block today yeah I'm glad I am you you you


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