YouTuber Fakes MISCARRIAGE in Stunt Gone WRONG for Views

People are writing for a youtuber to
take down an intense prank video. You’re watching What’s Trending, I’m Kacey
Spivey. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more social media news
daily and ring the bell to stay up to date with our videos. Fair warning there is a
graphic content ahead. These youtubers have built a brand around pranking each
other, but a lot of viewers are saying that this prank went too far. “I know this
prank is like really intense and like crazy, but I literally don’t know what
else to do.” Vanessa a alludes to a prank that her
boyfriend did to her in a previous video but this next prank goes a little too
far. Vanessa purchases fake blood from Party City and proceeds to smear it on
herself and the toilet. When her boyfriend enters the bathroom,
he of course freaks out and begins to call the hospital. She tells him it’s
prank and surprise surprise he’s mad. “Now you know something was to actually
happen I’ll be mad ass hell.” *giggles* “I’m sorry. Okay, but you did worse!” Screenshots of the video made it onto
Twitter and people were not about it. Playboi Barbie said “this is too far.
People really suffer from miscarriages and they’re playing around.”
Rosella Joseph said “Wow, miscarriages are nothing to joke about.
That’s messed up didn’t even know about them till now.” And Lenore who said
“having a miscarriage is one of the most heartbreaking and physically damaging
experiences an expectant mother father can go through they better delete this.”
In fact, a lot of people were calling for the video to be taken down. This user
said “I can’t believe that miscarriage prank is still on YouTube.” And this
account that said “I know YouTube isn’t leaving that sh*t up there.” YouTube finally
responded by saying “update on this– we did remove this custom thumbnail and age
restricted the video. Appreciate you bringing this to our attention.”
The couple disabled the comments for the video but still left it up because this
is their most popular video on their channel. Coming in right ahead of Zavi’s prank
on Vanessa where he faked proposing to her with a ring pop. Pro tip: that’s not a
good idea either. The couple vlogs about the relationship and documents
their pregnancy for their viewers. Their channel has two hundred and eighty-seven
thousand subscribers. And they seem unbothered by the backlash. They tweeted
from their account “everyone that comments hate be the main ones mad as f
when people don’t read their comments or dms.” And who can blame them? Their views
are bigger than ever. Which is probably why they did the video in the first
place. But what do you think? Do you think they went too far? Let us know in the
comment section and for more of What’s Trending head to

52 Replies to “YouTuber Fakes MISCARRIAGE in Stunt Gone WRONG for Views”

  1. Wow. I suffered a stillbirth a year ago last week and the support groups I'm in for miscarriage stillbirth and infant loss that we also bring awareness for find this disgusting and disturbing and triggering and us as a community of grieving mothers and fathers are disgusted.


  3. Vile disrespectful videos ! Theres so many more of these videos on youtube! How is this allowed😡😡 cba with these childish ppl

  4. This is SICK. This woman (girl) has to be mentally ill to do something like this. I pity her BF and unborn child. What kind of person DOES this??? FUCKING SICKO WOMAN!

  5. I can’t imagine why anyone would joke about this. I’ve had 3 miscarriages and it’s been a heartbreaking journey. Let’s hope they never truly have to go through it ☹️

  6. They fall right into the pit of dumbass youtubers. The fuck is up with this youtube generation? I didnt know about them until it went around FB just now

  7. I just don’t understand why Youtube goes to the lengths of banning and shutting down free speech alt-right/conservatives, but continues to allow extremely offensive content like this up. Miscarriage is not a funny joke, take it down Youtube or let the hate speech back onto your platform! Don’t be hypocrites!

  8. I lost a baby in June and that was the hardest thing I've dealt with for some time. This isn't funny???!? Like I still can't sleep and would do anything to have our baby here…

  9. they are the WORST kind of people! Coming from someone who has lost a child through miscarriage, and suffered depression for a year BECAUSE of it! She is DISGUSTING!

  10. lol it's just a prank….why ya'll behaving like that….. a lot of pregnant youtube couples do this prank and ya'll ain't bashing them
    so what's the deal??

  11. Honestly. It's their life. People need to stop talking stupid. If they wanna prank, let them prank. But frfr, the title is miscarriage PRANK. So why would you go to the video just to go comment stuff like that. If y'all KNOW what the video is about?!?! 😡😾

    Edit: I'm Team VZ🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🔥

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