100 Replies to “‘You’ve Confessed To Multiple Felonies On Tape,’ Dr. Phil Tells Teen”

  1. this is what happens when people can't discipline their own children without snowflakes crying abuse. mind your business people.

  2. Her Sniffling In Every Video Is Killing Me!!! Someone Give Her A Damn Tissue So She Can Blow Her Damn Nose 🤧😠😠😠🤧

  3. She needs to be locked up till she grows up. She needs a rock bottom fall to make her grow up. She's headed down a no where path of destruction & it's gonna take a slap upside her head to wake her up. I feel so sorry for her parents. They've done all they can do now they need to persecute her for these felonies & no bond no lawyer just jail

  4. "I was told I would go home after this."

    "That was an option."

    YOU LIAR! Literally never seen a troubled teen go home after the show. They go to a ranch or some other program.

    I mean…has she never seen a Dr.phil show?

  5. She has no self esteem, needs her friends validation and feels out of place. She needs boundaries, forgiveness on both sides and some life skills to build herself up. She's not that bad, just a brat. Let her work job, make her volunteer at homeless shelter, educate her on trafficking and stop paying for her things. Shell be more grateful and act rght. It's not all her fault, some of its her parents not making her take accountability.

  6. If I took my parents car, hit things, didn’t check or tell them, and they found the car like that…. BOYYYY! They would’ve killed me! She clearly has faced no consequences for anything, and I’m sure it started when she was very young. She needs a wake up call! She clearly doesn’t take anything seriously but, when the time comes that she is actually arrested and thrown in prison she will be shocked.

  7. thats latina teens for you my mom married a mexican his daughter is insane abusive alcaholic straight up mentally ill but her father calls her passionate

  8. Where's this 15 year old selling stuff? You need to be 18 at a pawn shop, and of you're selling it on the block, shed get robbed by the wrong person.

  9. Something sketchy is going on like something is going on with her parents I think they molested her and also I think she has been abused probably verbally by some ‘gang member’

  10. There's a saying. Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. One of the problems today is that children are not give boundaries and suffer no consequences for their actions.

  11. This child is mine n is kidnapped n raped n all those are false allegations n false accusations n she is being framed to make it her fault. So they are targeting n violating her n forcing her to deal with what they manipulated her of n she was RAPED by multiple adults, blacks whites asians indians n this child is #1 victim n witness n Dr Phil is not a very understanding SOB n acting like a thug n bullying her n she doesn't have a chance to tell the truth because they are threatening her! You are not a good Dr as u think u are so quit exploiting her. She was forced into child prostitution n escort services n torchering tormenting her n making it her fault they child abused her. This is in Merced Ca n i was the one who contacted you about the school n about her being bullied n all her classmates are lying n being protected n you decided to exploit my child m speaking to her like u spoke to Madea?!

  12. I love the previous clip, he says, "you're not going to manipulate me!" Yet here he is not only manipulating her, but extorting her to get his way. No legitimate mental health professional would put a child patient under this kind of stress. He's a fraud!

  13. Someone tell me what the ranch is! Is it just a correctional facility with labor? A literal ranch? Either way send her lol

  14. This “admitting stuff on camera” is all hearsay and not admissible in court. Might be enough for police to investigate if they wanted to tho

  15. She wanted to be concealed. So they just ended up zooming so close we can see her pores.
    Well played Dr. Phil show, well played LOL

  16. Ungreatful kids….she has parents that are strict so What? At least she has a good bed, good food, clothes to wear and she claiming to have a bad life. There is kids in africa, syria that are struggling to have just some peace, freedom and food nothing else. And still they have smiles on even if their homes are destroyed. Be happy cause you Could have a worse life

  17. Ideal conversation:
    Dr. Phil: “If you can name America’s favorite salad dressing, often used for carrots and celery, you can go home.”
    Her: “…ranch?”
    Dr. Phil: “The car is outside.. michael scott pops out BOOM. ROASTED”

  18. She has a horrible vocabulary and seems quite impressionable like a child quite younger than her age. Perhaps she's L.D. or has some sort of mental disorder. She just doesn't seem like a tuff guy that's not afraid of anything. She seems so meek and confused. I wonder if there's been any abuse in this situation? Somthing doesn't seem right with the 2 parents.

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